Press release 6.10.2014

Increased growth despite the stagnating economy

IT service provider Sollertis continued its success story in the latest fiscal year. Despite the current market situation, the company experienced a stunning growth of 780%. This growth was spurred by a business deal Sollertis made with a TeliaSonera subsidiary DataInfo.

Sollertis sets itself apart from its competitors with its diverse range of services. In addition to cloud storage and server room services, Sollertis also offers expert services for demanding projects, as well as on-site help desk and lifecycle services throughout Finland. "Our goal is to help our clients with all of their IT needs so that they can fully concentrate on their core business," explains Joanna Niininen, Vice President of Sollertis.

"Our clients are our number one priority. We are constantly conducting R&D to offer our clients products with proven usability and reliability. We are currently seeing particular growth in products that offer data security and reliability. The newest addition to our product portfolio is the DataInSafe backup service," Niininen continues. This fiscal year Sollertis aims to boost its growth by introducing new services and increasing international trade.

More information:
Joanna Niininen
Vice President
e-Sollertis Oy
+358 44 760 6004

1.6.2014 Relaxing Summer!

Summer is here again, and with it the hard-earned holidays

Various communication and remote access technologies allow us to work on holidays. Modern technology gives us the freedom to work wherever and whenever.

Does this sound like workaholism? The answer is no! Technology allows us to extend our holidays and enjoy them more as we can work from the summer house, a café, a beach, almost anywhere. Tablets and smartphones are excellent tools for communication, production management, customer service and other tasks. Even spending a brief moment on work matters is enough to help you to stay on top of your tasks.

When you invest in remote access services, you invest in the well-being of yourself and your staff.

We wish you all a sunny and relaxing summer!

The Sollertis team

Press release 27.3.2013

e-Sollertis Oy is a strong and growing expert in domestic data centre business operations. We provide comprehensive IT outsourcing, servers, hosting, support, data security, office, and consulting services. Our employees have over 20 years of experience in the delivery of Internet services.

Data-Info Oy is an IT company that was founded in 1989 and operates nationwide. The company provides customers with communications solutions, regardless of the time, place and terminal. Data-Info has offices in Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Oulu, Tampere, Turku and Varkaus. Data-Info is owned by TeliaSonera.

On 27.3.2013, Sollertis entered into an agreement with Data-Info, by which the data centre operations of Data-Info will be transferred to Sollertis. The transfer of the business will include the entire data centre business. Additionally, the Data-Info employees, who have taken care of the data centre operations, will transfer over to Sollertis. In other words, the same familiar employees will continue to take care of the customer service tasks. The transfer of the business will take place on 1.5.2013.

The change will not require any measures to be taken by the customers, nor will it have an effect on the existing agreements and services, which will continue along as normal. At the same time, Sollertis will also function as a partner of Data-Info for services related to data centres.

Additional information on the matter can be provided by Chairman of the Board
Mika Hoffren, +358 40 500 8102
as well as Vice President
Joanna Niininen, +358 44 760 6004.