Communication solutions

We offer modern solutions for your business communication needs. With our solutions, communication will be a seamless part of your business management operations. Our solutions also offer a wide range of telephone switchboard services.

Citrix service

You can access your office suite remotely whenever your device is online. You only need to install the Citrix remote desktop application on your device.

Lync service

Lync is an efficient tool for instant messaging, organising web conferences and making phone calls anywhere in the world. With Lync, keeping in touch with your colleagues and clients is effortless as you can use it on your smartphone, tablet and computer. You can see at a glance if your colleague or client is available, and choose how to contact them from a user-friendly shortcut menu.

Conducting an online meeting has never been so quick and easy. You can set up a video conference directly on your own device and share your screen, PowerPoint presentations or OneNote notes with other conference attendees.

Our communication solutions improve communication with your clients and colleagues, save time and make meeting procedures more efficient. With Lync, you can work anywhere.